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1. www.bookzap.com Giant Collections of Old Time Radio Shows on CD and DVD
2. www.nostalgic-radio.com Free Old Time Radio Show Podcasts and Downloads updated several times daily
3. www.best-otr.com Free Old Time Radio Show Downloads
4. www.radiotreasury.com Seven Giant Catalogs of Old Time Radio Shows. Many unavailable elsewhere.
5. www.mystery-radio.com
Old Time Radio Mystery Shows and Free OTR Downloads
6. www.radio-westerns.com
Old Time Radio Show Westerns

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Time Travel Into The Past. The Wonderful World of Old Time Radio

By O. M. Wakefield

College professors, and teachers at all levels!

Enjoy offering an audio journey into the Golden Age of Entertainment. A virtual historic journey into the past. Captivate your students or colleagues.

From it's outset at the dawn of the 20th century, Old Time Radio rapidly progressed as the planet's foremost mass medium. The original "wireless" became known by the new term of "radio". This unfolded as the standard method of disseminating information to the masses immediately. From the few to the many.

The Wireless greatly influenced the growth of our nation and the world in the 20th Century. The endless pleasure experienced by nostalgia lovers as they re-live these old radio shows is limitless.

With Old Time Radio, Sounds are provided, yet pictures are added with your own mind. Thus, it can be an amazing journey of the imagination!

Old Time Radio Shows often referred to by collectors as "OTR" represent an unlimited theater for anyone's imagination. But OTR 's  other amazing attribute emerges from the ability it provides for everyone to actually listen to history as it actually happened.  One can listen to literally the majority of the famous voices of prominent figures of the 20th Century. From Franklin Delano Roosavelt to Thomas Edison. From Adolf Hitler to Mahatma Gandhi. Their voices have been immortalized for history.

Fascination with Old Time Radio is not only for people who lived in radio's heyday, but also for everyone else. Nostalgic feelings for this memorable time of media is continually growing as each new decade becomes introduced to freedom of expression that typified the era of the Industrial Revolution.

Radio encourages your imagination. While listening, your mind's eye creates the imagery. It's incomplete to discuss the Old Radio era without envisioning the very radios themselves. The variety of such devices is plentiful. Ranging from bigger floor models to small table top units They beautifully reflect the artistic styles of their era. Across Art Nouveau, through Art Deco and into Mid Century Modern. Those fortunate enough to own one of these beauties, can revel in the nostalgic mystique of the old time radio itself.  Several excellent websites reference these historic icons in some detail. Including schematics and online manuals for hundreds of old brands such as RCA Victor, Grundig Majestic and Philco, to name just a few.
How surprising to discover how universal is the love of the radio as a machine. You might very well be impressed with information on tubes, transistors, dial lamps, RMA codes, and more. If you have any questions about old radios or radio repair, one can log onto various nostalgia chats.

Radio's Impact on Your Life. Notable moments contributed greatly to the evolution of radio programming. One can enjoy reflecting on the history of radio's unfoldment. The the earliest period is known for first experiments. The 1920's brought us broadcasting's emergence and is affectionately remembered as the Golden Age. In the War Years of the 30's world events took center stage. The decades of the 1940's and 1950's brought us into the coming of age for radio's, "heyday". Advancing technology was the expression of the 1960's. Microprocessors stepped forward in the 1970's. Then, the 1980's brought us the early introduction to our first glimpse of computerized radio. Followed by the 1990's, digital broadcasting.

Radio does not only tell us the pathway of world history, it also reflects that history. How does radio factor in your family history? Reflect on the most significant show you remember from radio. It is truly wonderful that so many folks are now interested in saving, and treasuring OTR shows.

This all encompassing world of radio history has been preserved now for all generations to cherish. In the 21st Century, somewhat ironically, the Internet was the very instrument of high-tech communication, is the very reason for the perpetuation of this current increased interest in Old Time Radio. It's a complete cycle from the pioneer to the forefront of mass communication.

A result of the resurgence of Old Time Radio popularity is observable by the variety of websites offering information about the the old radio show genre. This vast new exposure provides listeners of all ages an opportunity to develop and communicate their discovery of the wonderful hobby of OTR collecting. There is a immense treasury of Old Radio shows available on the web today. A wonderful source for these shows can be found at Bookzap's Giant OTR Collections. Although there are a variety of excellent old radio show websites out there, such as, radiotreasury.com or otr-history.com Bookzap is consummate. Why? Because of the excellent and giant collections of old time radio offered. Trust me, I'm very travelled in this arena, based upon years of experience.

Also, a tip. I suggest not buying from download sites of Old Radio Shows. In most cases the quality available on CD and DVD disks is superior. Also, if there is a problem with a disk it can be returned, a download cannot. It is much easier to return a disk!

More about OTR on the Internet. Many of the OTR series are worth repeatedly revisiting, To share and enjoy. That being said, it's amazing to note that there are so many shows available it would take lifetimes to listen to them all. So explore the vast possiblities! Comedy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Music, Sports, History, Westerns, Romance, Horror Shows, Literary Classics, Dramas, Soap Operas Historic Newscasts and more. The options are many. If you are from the era when the family gathered around the livingroom or kitchen to listen to the delightful radio stories that brought us fantastic visual images, information and entertianment, Old Time Radio is for all to enjoy! The hobby of enjoying old time radio shows is a real winner. - by O. M. Wakefield

O. M. Wakefield is active in the Old Time Radio Community as a Collector and Reviewer. He advises folks to visit Bookzap's Giant OTR Collections and Radio Treasury OTR Online Catalogs for wonderful values and information regarding the Old Time Radio Show possibilities.


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